Ulcerative Colitis

10 Tips to Reducing Stress

Stress is so stressful 😉 Here’s some fabulous tips to try living a stress free life.

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Everyday, I try to live a stress-free life. Even though sometimes it can be hard, I try to make an effort to take time to myself. If you are as busy as I am or you have kids, it can be overwhelming. I know it is hard to relieve the stress. Or even take time for yourself. It is so important to take time to yourself and enjoy your day. Overall, it is more healthy and beneficial for you to be more stress-free. It is so natural for us to be stressed-out, overwhelmed, or worried. I know I always have the worry bug on my shoulder. But I always try to give myself time to relax. Even if it is sipping on my wine and binge watching on YouTube for 30 mins or saying no to certain situations. So stress no more. I have tips that can help you relieve…

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Ulcerative Colitis

Summertime Art: Ice Chalk Painting


Here we are in upstate NY, in the home where Mr. T was raised in we were married. The family’s beautiful country home is chock-full this week, as we all congregate from various countries and states for a family wedding. My kids are in a summer camp-like heaven — in and out of the pool, half clothed at all times, running (quite literally) to each subsequent activity. It’s nonstop high energy indeed, so I’ve been trying to infuse each day with a small dose of art — attempting to rein in the excitement and pour it into mindful (and messy) creativity. Yesterday was hot, like strip-your-clothes-off and stand in the refrigerator hot (and this is coming from someone living in the arid desert where summer highs linger around 105 degrees). So in an attempt to temper the heat, we devised an icey activity: Ice ChalkPainting. The kids…

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Guide to a Stress Free Start to Your Week

Adulting is time consuming & stressful but what if you could reduce your stress. Can you imagine being able to say, "I have time for that" instead of "there's no time for that"? I find my mind wondering to ways I can prepare myself on the weekends so that our house runs smoother during the… Continue reading Guide to a Stress Free Start to Your Week