Ulcerative Colitis

Summertime Art: Ice Chalk Painting


Here we are in upstate NY, in the home where Mr. T was raised in we were married. The family’s beautiful country home is chock-full this week, as we all congregate from various countries and states for a family wedding. My kids are in a summer camp-like heaven — in and out of the pool, half clothed at all times, running (quite literally) to each subsequent activity. It’s nonstop high energy indeed, so I’ve been trying to infuse each day with a small dose of art — attempting to rein in the excitement and pour it into mindful (and messy) creativity. Yesterday was hot, like strip-your-clothes-off and stand in the refrigerator hot (and this is coming from someone living in the arid desert where summer highs linger around 105 degrees). So in an attempt to temper the heat, we devised an icey activity: Ice ChalkPainting. The kids…

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